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braking causes stall

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I just put a 2 inch body lift on the truck (RB, with auto trans) and it backed out of the garage fine and got into the driveway, when I went to put it into park and pressed down on the brake the truck gave a check engine light and stalled. Now whenever I try to start it, it will start fine but if I press the brake to put it into gear the truck will stall. Also I found out that I dont have to have the brake in to put the truck into gear.

although it sounds like a vacum problem, I cannot find any lines that are tight or plugs that have come undone. The truck does not have an automatic starter that's malfunctioning and shutting down the truck.

Please help soon, as i'm stuck at a friends house until I can get the truck running and get home.
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i dont know anything about lifting automatics but i sounds to me like a wire or hose or something might have gotten stretched(broken),pinched or whatnot.
good luck.
Check the wiring under your transmission lever/center console. There's a solenoid there that receives input when your brake pedal is depressed. It's the same solenoid that keeps you from shifting into Drive when the key isn't in the ignition.
that's all still plugged in, so it seems like everything is ok there
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