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Alright I bought these without really thinking and it turns out they're barely too small for me and give me a headache if I wear them for longer than 30 minutes.

Arnette Rage 4025 - 41/81
Gloss Black Frame
Grey Polar Lens

go to USA, then collection, page 8, top left (AN4025), top row, 9th on the right

Sorry won't link directly to page. Email for pics and I'll try to get some of the actual glasses. They're basically brand new, worn for less than a week, still have box, bag, and receipt.

I'll probably put em on ebay eventually - I know I'm gonna lose money but hoping not to eat it too much. Paid 95$ (i know, i know) asking for $80 but will consider anything reasonable. Located in San Diego, can ship. I'm pretty pissed, they look bitchin and I'd totally keep them if they fit my fat head.
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