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Brian-built front bumper!!!

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I decided to try and make a bumper for my truck but found a good deal on a winch bumper, now the old bumper is sitting in my backyard. This will bolt on to your 98-00 Tacoma! Asking 75 OBO, I am going to Pismo so if you are going, I will bring it. Pictures below, not looking to ship this thing!
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You want it, Bri? Offer me something and it's yours! I just really need it outta here :D
hytenor said:
a SAS and removal of most of your existing front end ;)
That would be what an SAS is, Chris :D
Passhawk said:
Ill take it. I live in Marin 94960. Contact me [email protected]
Sorry man, already been sold. He's coming to get it in Sunday.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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