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build rec's ?

OK, I was thinking of starting from scratch. Does anyone have recommendations/bias on what vehicle I should try to build starting with the frame. I am trying to keep an open mind on which vehicle to build.

Even though I don't want to list what I think would be good, considering this would be my first build. Feel Free To Flame

Vehicle: 4runner preferrably 96 (I like the body on it and the Prado frame)
with V6 engine I think a 4 banger would be sufficient with a crawlbox(I would like a diesel but with smog reg's, I doubt it possible)
with MT to include a t-case and crawl box
arb air lockers front and rear
arb bumper w/a superwinch with at least a 9k lb worm gear. With samson synthetic recovery rope, and other misc. recovery gear.
I still am not sure if I want to stick with the stock rear and the birfield IFS
I know warn puts out a birfield replacement kit( but I haven't read too
much about it, I could not tell if it was for a Solid axle or IFS).
Donhau adjustable Coilovers in front, with more beef in the rear suspesion, Hopefully with 4link coil springs mounted on the rear axle (I am not sure if that is stock).iwould like full floaters
Changing the placement of the spare tire to a swing arm mount.
(to be able to add a gas can in back and a place to mount the HL jack)
The roof rack I would need to have a minimum 300 # load capacity (for when
I get up there, I don't weight 300#'s)
I could go on, about Pro Comp series 51 wheels, with BFG M/T 35" blah, blah, blah, but that is why I am asking and trying to keep an open mind.
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