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I have a bunch of Toyota Crawler parts for sale. Times have changed and I am unable to continue with the project as I had hoped. I will remove parts from the listing as they sell. All parts will fit first, second, and probably some 3rd gen stuff.

The following parts are NEW IN BOX:

Trail Gear Dual Case cross member- $230
USA Standard 5.29 gear sets (2) and master diff rebuild kits (2)- $500
2 master diff setup kits w/ Timken bearings- $200
1 RMS 8" Toyota Spool- $80
Toyota poly rear spring eye bushing kit- $30

The following parts are used in good condition:

15x8" 6x5.5 Alloy wheels- $100
Used first gen PS pump and brackets- $50

New custom TBI fuel injection conversion kit for the 20R engine- $700. Will fit 22R with a new adapter plate. I had converted the engine to run on a GM TBI system instead of the stock carb. Everything is new or rebuilt and the wiring harness is tailored to a first gen yota pickup but will fit a carbed 2nd gen. Includes 22re distributor, all wiring harnesses, computers, linkages, fuel pump, and sensors. The truck ran GREAT on it, way smoother than a carb. The system will require further computer tuning to get your truck running with it properly as each truck runs a bit different. Information and guidance on doing this is everywhere online and the tuning hardware to hook into your computer is pretty cheap. The software to do so is open source and free. Perfect for a custom touch on a truck and get far better fuel economy. Also the added bonus of no angle stumble when crawling.

All parts are new in box, only opened to inspect contents when they arrived in the mail. Am negotiable on some of it but the prices are already discounted quite a bit compared to what I paid for them with shipping. I am open to trades as well, what do you have?

Shoot me an email at [email protected] if youre interested in any of it...
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