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Buying New Taco

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I am a present owner of a 2003 s-10 ZR2. I am presently in love with my Truck. As the near futre bring me new life, I am interested in a quad cab Tacoma. I have a automatic ZR2 as of now, and I am looking for some incite whether or not to go stardard /Automatic with my new purchase????
Any advice would be greatly appreciated, my dispute is the auto , has a longer box!!!

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After calling Toyota Canada I have been informed that , it is the long box with the auto, Short box with the stick
I am interested to know whether or not, driving a stick is harder on the truck and the driver, as compared to auto???

I guess I confused myself , with my first question! Which one stick/auto, would be easier to drive offroad???

1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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