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"I guess it's just us now." Will McAvoy, Newsroom

Calico was a booming silver mining town in the 1880's. In its heyday, it had over 500 operating mines. The decreasing value of silver led to its demise by the turn of the century. Most of the trails/roads we use for our runs were established routes for accessing the mines and removing the ore. Many mines are still accessible but please use caution.

I've never done the Calico run with TTORA proper so just going to feel my way around.

April 30 - Sat 9.00 AM - Trail runs.
I'm probably going to stick to the easier trails. But if a veteran decides to come out and lead the hard trails that would be cool.
Philips Loop, Mule Canyon, Wall Street Overlook, Early Man Site
May 1 - Sun - Breakfast and then hit up Calico Mining Town

If you are camping please bring 1 bundle of firewood.

If you plan to roll out friday night also please let me know. I might join you.

Calico Camp Site
Camp Site Google Maps
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