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Camburg Coilover Owners

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Just curious as to how much thread you guys have showing your coilovers. Just raied mine up a bit today and have 1.5 inches of thread showing.
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Donahoe said:
If your happy with the ride hight then its perfect for you.. Thats the nice thing about adjustable coils... Ride hight is your choice... Keep in mind that the closer to stock ride hight you are the better the truck will perform...This will allow the truck some droop ...
Just got my Donahoes and am running them at about 3" of lift. I love em!!!!! I have 33's on it and they don't rub but a little bit on the pinch weld. Well worth it though.

Go Donahoe!!! :D :D :D
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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