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Hey gang,
The family is about to get bigger, so out with the new Tacoma and here comes a double cab Tundra. God I miss my '96 Taco!
I have for sale an awesome A.R.E. MX (shell is taller than the truck cab) camper shell.
-color is black #209
-silver/gray headliner
-2 windoor sliders!
-tilt down front slider
-bulkhead seal
-Yakima tracks
-interior light, bright and functional

Located in Santa Cruz, Ca., I paid over $2,100 for this thing, am asking $1,600. I purchased it new in Nov. of 2006.
This is the nicest camper shell I have ever owned, and I plan on getting one for the Tundra.

Comes with mounting hardware, come & get it.

Now let's see if'n I can get the images loaded up...

Oh well, failed.
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