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Cantalever on a taco....wierdo

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Ok so I've had this set-up finished on my truck for about a month, and am just now getting around to taking pics of it. I will get better pics later when the bed is off, but a couple members asked some questions so i thought I'd post and see what kind of response i recieved. It was definetly a Daunting task for myself and my roomate who aren't exactly the Gieser Brothers, but we have some baisic fab :welder: know-how. Tube is all DOM with delrin as the arm bushing and 5/8" hiems for the links. I feel bad posting such rusty stuff, but the undercoating wore off when we went to the dez. The valving was difficult to get even close because its a 1.7:1.0 ratio so they are super stiff, which as most of you know transforms to heat...which is bad. I will be changing some stacks tomorrow night to try and button it up before this weekend. anyhow, any input would be great....things you like...things you don't like, I'd like to hear it all. Also I'd like to say thanks to the guys at True Off-Road for helping me out and pushing me to just sak up and do it. OH! and i almost forgot. I'm posting a pic of my driver side inner fenderwell. Yeah, thats a hole (from the castle nut), and the imprint of the UCA on the inner fender well. My roomate decided to go hit up some SX whoops at MACH 20 when he borrowed my truck....J/K (just Joshing ya AHHH HOTA...thats AJ in espanol)

SOOOO i tried to post the pics but they are like 1.38 MB
heres the link

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How far into a negative arch are the leafs at full compression? Deaver doesn't suggest more than 1-2" max on those springs you have, otherwise they will lose their elasticity and begin to fatigue. We are using the same springs and some 12" shocks to get about 15" of travel out of the rear of our '89 4Runner w/o cutting into the cab and w/o cantilevers. the shocks only hit about ~40º on full compression too.

Although trick looking, cantilevers are maintenance intensive (lots of bushings etc) and shocks wear through seals and bushings faster (from the weight of the shock resting on the seals/bushings at all times as compared to a vertically mounted shock). Plus the damping effectiveness of the shocks is compromised severely being positioned at such extreme angles.
Great info Dylan. I think that clears it up a lot for us non-engineers :D

As far as the Deavers, when we picked up our 8-leaf Tacoma pack from Jeff just a few weeks ago he said a few (1-2", 3 max) of reverse arch would be okay but ideally no more. Even though Deaver takes care of their customers, why should they replace a leaf pack that was abused or misused? That's no ones fault except the customer. Now these guys are a shop so if they want to pay their money to put new springs in that thing every few months then what's it to me? Nothing really...

No, our shocks are not mounted rock-crawler style. We just made some lower mounts that sit a little below the axle housing and then a new crossbrace/upper mount. (Similar to the mounts we had Chris make for us on our LT Taco at Rockstar Trux) Ask Dan he might remember... :)
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