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I figure this is a long shot posting this for sale on here as it is pickup only but figured I would post any way. I looking to sell my rack as I just dont get as much use out of it as I thought I would and I am looking to put the money from it towards other truck purchases, such as sliders, rear frame plates, skids, sliders ect.

I have used it to carry coolers, tires, hay/straw bails, camping supplies, animals from hunting and many other things. The rack portion is made from 1 inch square tube and the cross bars the rack mounts to and the legs to the bed rails are 1 1/4 inch square tube. I mount it direct to the bed rails with bolts/washers/nuts. It was made so I could use it with or without my topper as you can see in the pics. It has tie down points on the legs that go to the bed rails and it was built wide enough at the top so I could carry a few sheets of plywood if I needed to(the plywood would lay across the front and rear portions of the rack and wont slide side to side). It was also built so if in the future I wanted to use the basket portion for something else or the cross bars/mounting legs I could just grind a few welds to remove the basket from the mounting cross bars.

It cost me $450 to get the materials and have my friend help me build it(he has the welder) and also paint it. I would like to get $300 for it. I know interest in this will most likely be minimal but if anyone has questions, I dont have access to internet on the weekends so I wont be able to reply over the weekend.


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