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i have a uniden cb...i forget the model but its the small one that fits in the ash tray and has a pa on it. it outputs like 7 watts to the pa speaker and at full volume its still not loud enough for me :D does anyone know of a way i can amp the pa or some way i can make it louder??

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i am interested in trying this instead of my off-the-shelf PA speaker.

Speco ASPC-20 6 Inch 20 Watt Weatherproof Amplified PA Speaker

Our amplified PA speaker is completely weatherproof. It comes with a 6" ABS plastic speaker and requires a 10-16V DC supply. An adjustable metal mounting bracket is included.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 6" (Dia) x 6" (L)
Frequency Response 500-5,000 Hz.
Input Impedance 3 - 16 ohm
Max Power 20 Watts
Metal Mounting Bracket Metal included
Speaker Impedance 8 ohm
Supply Voltage 10 - 16V DC required
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