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CB question

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I am thinking about getting a cb for my 02 tacoma 4x4. where did some of you guys mount the antenna/ cb? what type of bracket? and where did you run the coax cable? also what cb model do you recommend? pics appreciated.

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It was really simple...


All I had to do was remove the ashtray and the metal frame work that supports the ashtray. I then used the existing holes for the cb bracket that came with the radio. I did drill two new holes in the cb bracket to give a little more clearance for the side knobs to turn. I did not drill any hole in the truck which was a good thing for me. Too new a vehicle at this point to be drilling holes. I think the only downside is the radio sticks out too far. A guy I spoke to about the install that also lives in Colorado used double-sided tape to secure his radio. He also used some tie-wraps also I believe. Going the tape route will allow the radio to fit deeper into the ashtray location.

1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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