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CB question

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I am thinking about getting a cb for my 02 tacoma 4x4. where did some of you guys mount the antenna/ cb? what type of bracket? and where did you run the coax cable? also what cb model do you recommend? pics appreciated.

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I mounted my antenna in the channel between the hood and fender on the drivers side. Don't have any pics of it yet (and won't for a while) but it was very easy to mount. I used an adjustable Firestik mount and the Firering coax cable (I like it for this location since it comes off the antenna stud at a 90 degree angle and the cord doesn't have to bend much before going under the hood. There are rubber grommets under the cab which are very easy to remove and add a small hole for the coax to pass through into the cab.

My cb is in the ashtray (with nothing securing it, it's a Cobra 19 like everybody else's).
CYi5 said:
i'm looking for a place to mount an antena as well. Firestik has a mount that mounts in the stake hole in the side of your bed...but wait, tacoma's don't have a stake hole! So i'm still looking for a way to mount the sucker :(.

My tonneau cover elimates some of the good options...i.e. bed bar. :mad:
They make several mounts that would work for you and I thought about them as well since I have a camper top that I use sometimes. One is a flat mount that bolts to the bed rail (in your case under your tonneau cover's frame) and sticks the antenna mount about 2-3 inches out on the side. You could also use a mount shaped like an "L" and bolt it to the front center of the bed so that the short arm of the "L" sticks up and points toward the tailgate. This would clear your tonneau and allow the antenna to be mounted in the center of the vehicle.

I didn't like the option of sticking my antenna out on the side, and the "L" bracket wouldn't work with my topper so I went with the fender channel mount. Mine seems to work fairly well so far, even though it's not the optimum mount location.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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