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CB radio w/ PA to fit in extra DIN slot below radio

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Ive been searching for a CB radio that will fit in the DIN slot under the CD player, like the Cobra 18 WXST II, but also has PA capabilities. I am aware of the small CB's w/ PA's that can be mounted in the ash tray location, but I am not really interested in going that route. Ive searched everywhere but havent found anything. I would appreciate any recommendations.
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I mounted a corbra 18 WXST II just under my pioneer stereo. I used a screw from each side of the CB . lined it up to the stock tacoma radio mount and tightened it up . work great! the speaker in the front works great too.
got a pic if that would change your mind, but its too large to post. if you want it email me @ [email protected] and i will send you the two pic i have of it installed in the dash.
one last thing, i just check the pdf file for the corbra 18 WXST II and it has a speaker out jack in the back.B.

Rear Panel
1. Antenna Connector. This female connector permits
connection of the transmission line cable male connector
to the transceiver.
2. External Speaker. The External Speaker Jack is used
for remote receiver monitoring. The external speaker
should have 8-ohm impedance and be rated to handle
at least 4.0 watts. When the external speaker is
plugged in, the internal speaker is automatically disconnected.
3. Power: This cable is permanently attached to the radio.
If you wish to remove the radio after installation, disconnect
at fuse holder and ground connector.
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ops , no pa function, just remote speaker....
1 - 4 of 28 Posts
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