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CB radio w/ PA to fit in extra DIN slot below radio

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Ive been searching for a CB radio that will fit in the DIN slot under the CD player, like the Cobra 18 WXST II, but also has PA capabilities. I am aware of the small CB's w/ PA's that can be mounted in the ash tray location, but I am not really interested in going that route. Ive searched everywhere but havent found anything. I would appreciate any recommendations.
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Cutting into your a/c line??? I have a huge radioshack CB and all i had to do was take a dremel to a small part of my bottom left and right stereo mount. That CB fits in there so tight and looks good too. Check out that faceplate I made on my computer! I got my CB at a garage sale for $5.00, I mean what a deal. Now I have to figure out where I should mount my mic?
are you talking to me UTKtacoma, if so I han pull it out and take some pics and measurments for you today when I get home at about 3:00. you can fit anything in the dash, all you got to do is cut it hahahahahahah :saw:
ok ill go home and see what I can do. ill try to have the pics up by tonight.
Here are some pics:
1. The cb is about 7 1/4" wide. Notice all the dust on the ruler, I dont use it very much.
2. The cb is about 2" tall.
3. The cb needs around 8" of depth and i had to use a 90 degree elbow connector for my antenna.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.

Maybe push it in and see how much it sticks out. It might not stick out as far as you might think?
1 - 6 of 28 Posts
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