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Ya I know all about these damn tree huggers they suck. I work for the US forrest service during the fire season on a hand crew and waht gets me is they alow us to go cut out miles of brush drop dead snags and a bunch of iron wood but after 2 weeks of working on the same spot they come and tell us u can cut all the trees just watch out for this crapy small little indangered weed. How the f$#@ am I gona be able to cut out thick brush with a chainsaw drop trees at decent pase and watch ot for some dumb weed.

If they dont what us wheeling here and there then give us a f%#^%$ place to wheel for god sakes it rediculous. Reminds me of my skateboading days cant skate anywhere accept your front yard.

1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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