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Dick Foster said:
"The fact is this: for some reason, environmentalists cherish dunes. We have to deal with that." :rolleyes:
The fact is that they hate off roading of any kind or type, anywhere in any environment and for no specific reason. They will make up a reason if none is at hand. This is not restricted to dunes by any stretch. They are just a bunch of Sierra Club snobs whose real aim is to gain political power. They search for a few ass hats that abuse the land and if they can't find them, I am convinced that they actually manufacture damage to blame on off roaders. I wonder how much of a fight they would put up if hiking was to be included in all of the closures. That would seem to be the fair way to go to me. People can trample plant life by foot too. Don't tell me it doesn't happen either. I know better because I was a docent for the California State Parks for years and I know that idiot hikers are a problem. They have their share of ass hats as does the population in general. You are not going to get anywhere with this timid bullshit line by agreeing with them. There will always be a certian amount of jerks in any group, that is just a simple fact of life. It's time to get nasty, take the goves off and fight like you want to win. If you see an offroader doing something stupid, by all means get nasty with them too but don't bend to these enviro nitwits because you will just never win that way.
I have to completely agree with you. It has become rediculous across the country. Not only in Kalifornia, but Washington state as well. You can no longer bring your dog hiking with you anywhere in the Olympic National Forest. Although they do have a pretty good orv system, I can see the enviro-nazi's imposing there regime more and more up here. Itll be a sad day if they are successful in shutting down glamis or pismo or any other place that wheeling is allowed. This kind of shit pisses me off.... :explode:
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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