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Time for some house cleaning.
1) CBI offroad fab rear swing down tire carrier. Great shape, I?m just getting back into biking and my rack plugs into my hitch. Comes complete, tire mount, hi-lift mount, license plate mount & light. 175.00 shipped in the lower 48 (this thing is not light)
This is a current picture:

Here is the original review:
link to the "other" site

Shackles 1.5" lift. 6" eye to eye. Gold zinc plated from Central 4x4 includes bushings and massive grade 8.8 bolts. Can be seen in this picture still bolted to the old spring: (you can't have my new OME's :) ) 30.00 shipped

Pictures coming on the following items:
MAF & throttle body for 89 V6 5spd. I bought these from toyotapartsdude over 2 years ago and never put them on (turns out I had a different problem at the time! I paid 75.00 plus shipping on these. They are dirty and I don?t know if they work or not. The throttle body is complete with the TPS. How about 25.00 each shipped? Or 25.00 each picked up?

Protective clam shell for the front drive shaft at the transfer case:
Free, 10.00 shipped (and thats red dirt not rust)

rear wiper motor 1st gen removable top 25.00 shipped

thanks for looking, more to come
mvankeuren at parkplacetexus dot com
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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