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center support bearing

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Hey guys newbie here, 02 dbl cab trd 4x4 and I have already had to replace the center support bearing after running 2 1/2 spacers in the front and a 2 inch aal in the rear. Now its making the noise again, not all the time but just enough to be annoying! At least I think thats what is making the noise anyother ideas, or has anybody else had to deal with the same problem? Is there an easy way to lower the center support bearing so it will stop whinning?!

p.s. is there anybody else in NC who can tell me why we don't have a chapter!? :confused:
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Usually after a lift like that you should realign your driveshaft with your pinion angle. To do this you can either drop the bearing easily by putting washers or a spacer above it with longer bolts. Or the way I did it and would recommend is to put a degree shim between the axle and the leaf spring so it tips the pinion back up towards the bearing. Usually these shims are offered in 2* 4* or 6*.

I measured the angle of the driveline with and then the angle of the pinion, I did this when it was sitting on the ground. On mine with a 3inch lift the difference was 8 degrees. But since the pinion and driveline are connected when you angle up the pinion it will also lift the driveline so you dont need 8* of shim. You need half that. So i used a 4* shim. I would guess a 3* would be best for you but not easy to find.

Just look for these shims at tire shops or offroad shops, theyre about 10 bucks a pair. You need a 2.5 inch wide one and that will probably need to be trimmed 1/16 on both edges so you can fit it between your ubolts when you install it. And make sure with that AAL that your ubolts will be long enough to go though it and the new shim.

It sounds like alot more work this route than spacing down your bearing but it makes for potentially less problems in the future, spacing down your bearing would make the short driveline before run at an angle all the time, reducing the life of the ujoints in it, but tipping up your axle wont hurt anything.
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Uh negative, its simple enough. I could take some pics of it finished now with some notes.. ill try to do that tomorrow for you.
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