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Changing fuel filter

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I just wanted to pass on a tip that I found to make it easier to change the Fuel filter on the V6. Loosen the fuel line support clamps forward and aft of the filter as this will give you a little more flex out of those rigid lines. My truck was starting to feel a little sluggish at 51,000 miles, so I dumped a bottle of Techron in and filled up with premium and ran it till it was almost empty, changed the filter and filled up with premium again. The sluggish feeling is gone and my average mileage is back to 22 MPG.
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camaddy said:
I took a couple of pics last night but they turned out terrible. I'll try to get some more after work today. The setup on my '03 is totally different than the one in your picture, which explains the confusion.
On the newer trucks you just need to pull down on the brackets. They are not bolted. The just pop on over those threaded plactic studs. They will pop off. To put them back on, you just need to pop them back on.
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