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cheap injector upgrade?

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After putting my fuel rail back on, I noticed some fuel leaking from one. So I pulled it back off and there was a torn O-ring. Since it was like 11pm and I had to go to work at 6, I decided to try and steal one ogg my wifes Eclipse(its down for the moment). It fit like a glove. So I investigated further, and noticed that not only was the nipple end the same size, but the plug too. It wouldve fit in my truck. That got me wondering....could you rape some off some car at a junkyard that is a higher performance stock motor? I havent researched flow rates yet, but does this sound like a plausible power gain? Afeter all, to get the most out of a freer flowing intake, youd need more gas right? other wise why have more air?
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hey, thats some good info! I'll definatly look into that book. My 2.7 has 163k on her, so I'm trying to keep up and maybe get a little ahead of the stock power and efficiency. BTW, did you mean resistance?
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