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Check Engine Light ON - After Replacing Spark Plugs

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:eek I did my 30K Maintenance last night and my check engine light came on right after I replaced my spark Plugs. I drove the truck after the engine oil and Tranny Fluid were replaced and everything was fine. One I drove back, took the spark plugs out once everything was put back together my check engine light turned on. Could I have done something wrong. I re-checked all the sparkplug wires and the two hoeses I disconected in order to get to them and everything was ok. Can someone Please tell me what could be wrong. Also as I drove this morning onto the freeway once i pressed the gas to get to 65 the engine seemed to cut out/or die, but once i let the gas go a little it drove fine.
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I think you may have another problem besides a gap issue. I pulled the dealer installed plugs (that I provided since the truck has the URD fuel kit) and found them to be gapped in the low thirties.

But I was not getting an engine check light. Just uneveness.

So in the case of a 3.4, the gap itself did not trigger the light. I would regap to .043 or .044 and also make sure the connections are solid. Regapping to .044 made a dramatic difference in smoothness. Also, like Gadget says, make sure you tighten the little caps on the tops of the plugs.
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