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Please post up your side conversations/questions to other members that are clogging other threads and steering them away from the original topic in this thread.

Consider this the B.S. thread.

You can pretty much talk about anything in here that stays within the forum guidelines.

All posts in threads that get offtopic will either be deleted or moved to this thread.

Thanks for your help

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: thats right he is my sidekick.....and yet the zuzu out does his yota again, mybe that is y he wont bend the bumpers for me....:welder: this is what he does for monies but not what he does best,,......:D

Whats up rob how is the fam, good i hope, mine are running me out of the house. did ya see my new family ride..

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So who wants to place bets on what part is going to go next on Big A's rig?

I will cover all my bases and say everything. Except my panhard setup and rear ring and pinion.

Lets see......what have I broke

1) Frame
2) Frame again
3) Passenger rear door
4) Steering box
5) Tail lights
6) Driveshaft
7) Those little tabs around the cup holder (those count right)
8) My drivers side mirror
9) Front brake line.
10) The frame again.
11) 2 sets of shocks.
12) Ring and pinion
13) Anything else
14) I hope not!!
15) Damn damn damn
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