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Some new addicts in the group. Here we go again. The last run of the year unless Tyler says otherwise.

Happy Holidays to all! Again this is going to be a whole new Socal TTORA Run.

We are going to do a Secret Santa Exchange. For every one person coming(including passengers) please bring 1 wrapped gift of less than $10.00. 3/8" drive set of 10mm extended socket, duct tape, wd-40, mixtape from 1991. whatever. Just make it look nice and put a bow on it.

This run is happening rain or shine, the runs may change based on weather. Expect freezing overnight temps and potentially high winds. We are not camping in the forest but will be camping in Johnson Valley.

Day 1 will be filled with moderate runs if no snow. Easy runs if its snowing/raining. Day 2 will be the real tester with some rock crawling for your instagram. I don't plan to do all of bull frog. Just a few sections for the holiday cards.

Please bring at least 1 bundle of firewood. Great job everyone on the Anza trip.

Day 1:
(Requirements: Lifted, 33"+ tires, sliders, recovery points/gear)
3N03 Smarts Ranch
2N02 Burns Canyon
2N70Y Sidewinder Canyon
RC3331 Rattlesnake Canyon

Day 2: (Requirements: Lifted, 33"+ tires, 1+ locker, sliders, recovery points/gear)
Possible damage on this run. Be warned.
Dorito Loops
Cougar Buttes
Bull Frog
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