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I searched and found that steering column seemed to the culprit but I'm not sure that's my problem.

It's an 2002 ext Cab - TRD, cornfed 3 lift, diff drop, running 285's. It has about 50,000miles on it.

-The clunk sound and feeling only happens when it's going straight.
-Does not clunk when I'm turning or braking
-The steering does not feel loose
-I had it up on stands this morning, in netural was spinning the wheels by hand and could not duplicate the sound.
-I did the 12 and 6 o'clock test on wheel and nothing was loose.
-I looked at the CV boots no grease or axel oil to found splattered on anything.

This is a daily driver hasn't been offroad more than a few hours of it's life and nothing recent.

Any ideas?
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