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CO: Manik brushguard FS/2001-2004

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I have a Manik brushguard for sale, took it off to put on my ARB bumper. It it powdercoat black, in very nice condition, nice fit (tight fit and follows body lines very nicely compared to othes on the market). It is totally bolt on. Has provisions for light on the center part of the bar. It is pretty sturdy also. It cost $450 new, asking $200. It is located in Fort Collins, CO. Would rather not ship it due to weight and size. Otherwise, shipping is on top of that price if you want it. I have some pictures I can email you if anyone is interested. Feel free to message me on here or email me at

r m n p (at) y a h o o (dot) c o m

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colorado125 said:
Bump. This was originally about $450 and is a very nice grillguard. Pics available.
could you send me come pics
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