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AZTaco said:
Checking for clarification, does getting new upper arms with coilovers allow putting slightly larger tires on? For example, I want to get some SAW/Bils/etc. coilovers to clear 32's. I was told I could clear 33's if I added in new arms as well. I realize there may be some trimming and the pinch weld has to be pounded but is this the case? Just wondering cause I'm eyeing the All Pro setup and I can get new arms as well. Just wondering if it's worth it.
For what it's worth, I do some mild offroading. :banghead:
Is that how Allpro sells there kits now? A a-arm will let you run bigger tires? Maybe I read it wrong?

When we install coil overs the upper a-arm helps camber align better than with out and also gives you a really strong upper ball joint and arm! Or in other words It makes your front end happy with the new lift! But in order to clear bigger tires you need to crank up the coil over a little and have a good alignment on the front end!

We put coil overs and upper arms on trucks all the time and have them aligned. We tell the shop to align the front end forward to clear the fire wall. It works pretty well and we clear 285x75x16in tires and wheels with very little or no rubbing at all!
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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