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Cold Weather and Power Steering

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My power steering was working great but now the weather is below 0 without windchill and it seems like i've lost all power steering at low speeds. Basically if I give it gas and turn, it seems to have about 80% power steering and if i'm doing parking lot maneuvers I've got about 0-10% power steering, Any Ideas?

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And you have given the truck enough time to warm up? I am learning that the circulation of the steering fluid is not very good. I am wondering if you may be having a partical freezing of the fluids.

Hydrolic oil does not like cold weather to begin with so I am guessing that it is just not circulating very well. We have been having single digit weather here as well lately, and I have noticed my steering to be a bit sluggish, but I also have other steering issues more important than power assist.

It could also be your seals on the power steering pump are getting a bit brittle

wish I had a more definitive answer for you, good luck!

BTW! I am part of the "blue nation" So go Colts! :lmao: I also sympathize that you have the patriots to cheer for this weekend ;)
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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