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Cold Weather Preparation??

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Here my situation. Right now I live in Utah, where it's cold, but not FRIGID. I'm moving up to Jackson, Wyoming where the low last night was 8 degrees, and I will be parking outside, uncovered.

Any tips for preparation? I've got a sub-0 sleeping bag, shovel/gear, and some MRIs if I get stuck...but I'm looking more for things I can do for the truck to run well up in the cold weather.

Thanks in advance.
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yup, 50-50 coolant, check battery condition, all fluid levels and you may want to switch to a lower grade viscosity motor oil, 10/30 for example if thats not what you already use. Oh and dont forget the Jagy to keep YOU warm at the end of the day :D
absolut taco said:
Couldn't agree more. Since it's ~70 proof, it burns well also ;-)

a good substitute for Vicks 44 also
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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