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Hey All,
I'm just signing up so I can snoop around and start posting on my build. I've been in early stages of a SAS for a couple years now. Early as in planning and starting a collection of parts. Nothing has been cut off the truck yet. I'll try not to ask to many dumb questions, but sometimes asking a dumb question helps you find the right question. I've finally collected some Fj80 Knuckle Balls, so I'm cleaning those up and sending them to Ruffstuff to finally get my housings done. Just need to finalize my dimensions.

A little about me... I'm living in Bay Area CA working as a prototyper/ME. Skilled with most shop tools. Novice machinist, Novice TIG welder, Expert MIG welder. And have practical mechanical skills. Outside of being crafty, I also enjoy Archery, Motorcycles, Wheeling, Camping and Video Games.

If you've read this far I might as well share the 1st things I'm going to be searching for on here.
  • Are there any difference between FJ80 spindles and mini truck spindles? Mostly wondering if there's difference in hole patterns...
  • Are Trail Gear Spindles really my only heavy duty option?
  • What angle or rake should my FJ80 knuckle balls be set to in relation to the face that 3rd mounts to?
  • Looking for other FROR DROTOR(allows current 4runner disc brakes/emergency drum to be used on full float axles) guides or post.
  • Looking for inspiring SAS builds


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