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The wording in these notices/lawsuits are so misleading... This one states:
The suit claims that the Forest Service illegally authorized motorized travel to at least some trails in the Forests.
Um.. don't we want motorized travel on some of the trails in the Forest? :rolleyes:

The "Wilderness Act" was another one where, on the surface, it sounds like a good thing: "It's being classified as a wilderness and not private land, that means I can use it". Whereas in reality, it's a bad thing and restricts the use of it. It almost seems as if groups intentionally word these "things" to mislead the intention.

But to answer your question, some of us do actively support COHVCO and BRC (even tho I'm labeled as simply a cheerleader on the sidelines by some). I've never heard of Trails Preservation Alliance (TPA) before.
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