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I am reposting this message as a third party, so please contact this organization directly:

Greetings! I hope that you are all doing well.

As you know there is currently a wildfire in the Fort Collins area of Colorado. National VOAD has received a request from Bill Tolbert, co-chair of the Colorado VOAD, for tool trailers. Residents in the affected area need the tools to clear debris from their property and to start cleaning up their homes. If your organization can assist, please contact Bill Tolbert at 720.937.3232 or at [email protected].

Also, several craftsmen (carpenter, wood workers) live in the affected area and have lost their tools in the fire. These tools are their livelihoods and they may be needing assistance to replace them . If you have any suggestions on organizations or private sector partners who may be able to assist, please contact Bill.



National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster

1501 Lee Highway Suite 170

Arlington, VA 22209

Office: 703.778.5088

Fax: 703.778.5091
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