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Computer behind rear seat(s) of Double Cab?

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I'm looking to buy a used 2004 DC 4X4 to replace my 2003 which was stolen. Anyway, I was looking at one today and notice some sort of computer mounted on the wall behind the seats in the rear. (Where the jack is kept... on the driver's side) The owner had no idea what it was. Can anybody here give me a clue?? I didn't have this big box thing in my 03 truck. It's about 4.5"X3" with lots of wires connected to it.
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There is a difference between the green and the orange. The tacoma tow package does not come with a tranmission cooler but with a different fan clutch. From what I was able to find out it allows the fan to blow a lot more air over the engine thus keeping it cooler. I looked into getting one and the part itself was somewhere around 150$. I'd just put a tranny cooler on.
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