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Here's my plan so far. Please correct me if you have had personal experience with this kit. I'd like to know what I am getting myself into before purchasing.

I will be adding a ToyTec 2.5 inch lift kit (2.5 spacers, long AAL) and an ARB bumper for my truck. I know many say that this is not a good combo but there are just as many that say its not a problem. I want more opinions basically.

Based on my poll in the Suspension forum, spacer lifts are not that bad so I'm going to give them a shot. I plan on using the shim kit to re-angle the axle to prevent vibration. I only want the 2.5 lift up front because the bumper and winch will make it settle 1/2 inch over the first month or so. That will yeild 2" of lift up front and 2" of lift in the rear.

Other than the lift kit and shims, will I need to get longer shocks? I really don't plan on flexing the truck a lot but I don't want to over-extend the shocks with 2" of lift. How much front travel is there anyway?
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