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corner lights

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I was just curious what everybody was running to go with Silverstars or other "white" headlights in their corners and turnsignals. Don't want to have a white headlight and the stock bulbs because is makes them look pretty crappy. Is there a silverstar 194 and 1157 bulb?
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Polarg b1Hybrid 194s are hella bright, i have them all out the exterior corners, license plate lights. and then i have the Hybrid b1 1157 in my turn signal, when i have my hazards on its like a fog light!
wldtrky101 said:
Where did you get them? Internet or someplace like Autozone?
local tuner shop. Or you can go online. Autozone wont carry them. The package is all written in japanese. i think the 1157 is a M15, i dont know what the model for the 194 is.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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