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I camped on Saturday night at Bobcat Meadows and on Sunday morning did the loop on Los Pinos Road, Espinoza Creek, and Corral Canyon Road.

Here is the fire lookout tower on Los Pinos Mtn and Norm the fireman stationed there. He actually had a log book of all of the activity in the mountains. He showed me the book and he wrote about our group on Bronco Peak on Saturday and of me traveling up the road to the tower. He keeps the log in case of a fire and the authorities need to trace it back to someone. With the telescopes that he had in his possession, he can spot if someone has a fire at Corral Canyon or Bobcat Meadow campgrounds.

Tecate Mtn

A zoomed in view of the Mexican border fence on the downslope of Tecate Mtn.

Corte Madera Mtn.

Only difficult obstacle on Espinoza Creek trail.

Unfortunately I nailed a rock that was hidden in the shadows and the skidplate moved enough to shear off the bolts in the rear. I ended up having to remove it. Luckily the rear bolts were able to thread out with ease and I replace them with new ones when I got home. I do need to find some Grade 8 bolts though.


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A big thanks to everyone who showed up to this event. Sometimes it's hard to get any sort of turnout to CC.

Myself and Dawson were the last to show up to Four Corners. Thanks for waiting for us! After some short conversation and a meeting by the OHV map, we split into 2 groups (Dawson leading the difficult run and myself leading the easy run). Myself, Pawn and Impulsetaco headed up the the Los Pinos Fire Lookout. Norm is always very friendly and knowledgable. He's been doing that job for years and, according to him, he's not retiring until they kick him out. Ha! This is the 3rd time I've visited the tower but the 1st for Mayra and Kennedy. They both loved it.

I signed his visitor's log and we were on our way. Shortly after starting back down, there's a dirt road not the right hand side. This is Espinosa Trail and is easy to moderate. I shifted the cruiser into 4low for the first time and she took it well. I currently don't have a source to air up my tires so I was running street pressure. That, combined with my precious cargo, held me at a snails pace for the majority of our wheeling. Espinosa Trail takes you from a barren hill top to the shade of tall bushes and tress. It does this with little abuse to your rig. We ran into a couple group coming in the opposite direction . . . a couple 80 series, too! Nothing that slowed us down as much as I was, though. We broke for lunch. It was nice to have a carpeted tailgate to sit on with a latch above for added shade.

We started down the trail again and came across a stalled baja bug that had tried to make it up the "most difficult" obstacle on this trail. We helped bump-start it and they turned themselves around to head the other direction. There were a few places I wanted a spotter to help me with my "land yacht" . . . this being once of them. The only rig I've known how to wheel in was my IFS 5-speed Tacoma. Now that I'm in a solid-axle automatic, there are things I'll need to relearn. Plus, she's all stock! Thank your for your patience, Pawn and Impulse. You were both very helpful. They both walked down it in a breeze and we were back on our way. I'd been on this trail before but wasn't entirely familiar with running it in this direction. Which led to the most infamous of TTORA traditions. . . . . the u-turn. Phones get decent reception throughout the area so we didn't have a problem checking our position and making the correction.

We found our way back to Corte Madera Road and trotted along. I had initially planned to do the Skye Valley Road loop but I must've taken that left at "Albuquerque". We ended up on Corral Canyon road going back to Four Corners. We agreed this was actually a good thing and decided to take this shorter path back and call it a day. It was a good run for her maiden voyage. My family and I were definitely sore from all the bumps. I assured her it would get better with all the mods I plan to do. She's just as excited about it as I am.

See you out on the trails!

- sparky
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