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Just bought a 97 T100 4x4 about 2 weeks ago. I noticed some white exhaust upon start that dissapears when it warms up to temp. Didn't think much of it because it doesn't smell like coolant.

Then I noticed i'm loosing coolant uh oh!!!! about a pint over a few days, I thought they didn't bleed the system right when they fushed the radiator (previous owners replaced head gasket on left bank about 2 weeks before I bought the truck) and flushed the radiator. Claims it wasn't overheat related, but a fault on the head gasket , specifically failure on #6

3.4 Engine has 136K on it too btw.

but no, definatley coolant loss.

I bought a "block tester" from NAPA, the one with the blue fluid. Tried that and the fluid turned green, but not yellow, drained the radiator more to ensure coolant wasn't mixing and it turned green again:confused:

I did a compression test and got some more info

#2 - 155 #1 - 175
#4- 150 #3- 120
#6- 155 #5-175

Left bank was recently replaced Head Gasket.

So my next step is gonna be to pull the right Head off, and get it pressure tested at a shop and figure out my best options.

I am leaning towards pulling both heads off, because I found out after the fact that the owners I bought it from just replaced the gasket and never checked the head at a machine shop.

Here's the weird part- The truck runs great other than initial smoke upon start, and it's winter here in Oregon. I bought it in Spokane, and drove it back to the Oregon Coast with no problem, 8+ hours.

Temps stay cool, right at the middle of temp gauge, will creep 2/3 on temp gauge, but never in the red up long mountain passes and then drops again to half.

Oil looks great, and hasn't changed levels

The oil filler cap has a smudge of emuslified residue on the inside cap.

No engine codes.

So I'm thinking it must be a cracked head right? I added a few oz's of oil to #3 and ran it again, no change in compression so my rings should be good.

Is it possible the crack or cracks are so small they seal up when engine is up to temp? it's really my only thought as to why it runs so good.

I'm planning on doing the work myself, with Toyota OEM gasket set and i'll run through and change the waterpump and t-stat and timing belt when i'm in there. It looks pretty straight forward. Any help or insight is greatly appreciated

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This is almost exactly what happened to me recently. My head was cracked.

Its kind of interesting the previous owner didnt just do both head gaskets while he was down there.
Scroll down to post number 8, this is where I was told by the machine shop that these heads like to crack.

The job it self is pretty simple. Mostly just alot of work getting everything off. I wouldnt call myself a master mechanic by any means but I am comfortable working that deep into this engine. Just try to get ahold of a factory service manual and follow that step by step. Double check everything when reassembling too

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Thanks man, I did look over your write-up so thanks for that. I just bought the FSM both books, on ebay, should be here in a few days.

The owners I'm pretty sure just wanted to sell the truck and it happened right before I bought it, so they were prolly just trying to make a temp fix.

fwiw I looked for about 2 months until I found this truck on craigslist in Eastern Washington. I carfaxed it, asked questions, and looked at pics. It was the risk I ran with buying a truck far away.

But it's in excellent shape (other than the head thing) and got it for a really good deal, So i don't feel sick about putting 1200 (rough estimate) into this.

I've got a nice shop at work and about 20K in snap-on tools ( being a machinery tech in the US Coast Guard has its perks).

I'm kinda looking at reman'd heads, any thoughts on those? If it is cracked ( most likely case) than i'm gonna need a new head anyways.

I want to do this right, the first time. The engine only has 136K on it.

I've changed heads before on Honda 225 outboards, same engine as the odessey minivan, just mounted vertical for extremely easy access. And done full top and center section ovehauls on ALCO and CAT diesels.

But i'm gonna do my leakdown tomorrow and go from there. It was just weird to me, all other HG failures i've seen resulted in overheat and emulsified oil.

Thanks for the tips.
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