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Craftsman Tool Clearance

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4BYnTacoma said:
I don't know if anyone else does, but I appreciate these posts.
...wipes away tear...a simple thank you goes a long way.
Glad to help my fellow TTORA brothers spend their money.

I try to keep my eyes out for what I consider to be good deals and useful for our application.
AK98Taco said:
Yes, thank you for the heads up.

I had to buy tools for my automotive classes, and Craftsman is a far better deal than Snap-On... Even with the 50% student discount!
No Prob! Hmmm- 50% Snap on Student say :)
I may have to PM to see if you can hook me up on a few things!

Just wanted to let you guys know that you can buy on line for in-store pickup to save on shipping costs
Bear said:
Damn it Phong!
:D (I had to be different!) you are costing me money! I was planning on buying more SAS parts this weekend, but now I have to reconsider that to buy more tools because of you!
No seriously dude, you are one reason I miss the motherland, you always find the good deals, glad you started bringing your eagle eye more over to the nat. board.
How ya been?
Don''t try to blame me on more SAS delays :p
Yeah- Very rarely do the deals I post actually SAVE you any money-
You just end up spending more. lol
Life's been good- Wife, truck & dog are doing fine- That's what matter's right.
Say hi to Mama Bear & the Cubs
Super Doody said:
Actually the item that I linked had a different part number and I believe was part of their holidy special catalog leftovers- It actually came with a bonus piece - 9 X 11 wrench. Great deal for price-
They pulled it pretty quickly or sold out quickly
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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