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Thanks to everyone that came out to the second AZRocks. It was sure something to remember! A lot of good things to remember and a few bad ones. The rain sucked, But we pulled threw it. It gave us AZ guys a chance to see what mud is like. It still sucks BTW!!!

Thanks to all the sponsors that donated the goodies, You guys ROCK!!!

Thanks to all the AZ members that made this event possible on very little notice for planning an event this big!!! You guys know who you are and I love you guys for doing what you did!!!

Thanks to all you guys that came from all over to make this the event that it is.

Also thanks to Mike Ross for sacrificing another tire to the AZ Rock gods! LOL (at least it was only one tire this time.)

And a very special thanks to the owners of the Riverbottom saloon in Florence! They bailed us out on a few hours notice. We would have had a wet and muddy dinner, But because of these very cool people at least we had a covered area to eat our dinner and hold our raffle.

For those that where not able to make it out. The First day was the only day that we didn't get any rain. Thursday was perfect for wheeling, Friday was good also for the most part, But Friday night all hell broke loose when a thunderstorm hit our camp. Blown over tents, rain and wetness. Then rest of the time it was scattered rain/thunderstorms that made the trails interesting to say the least. One of our trails was washed out and could not be even run. Saturday brought us the same, and by the time we got back to camp we decided to see if there was somewhere else to hold the dinner/raffle. That's when the guys over at the Riverbed saloon stepped up for us big time.

Anyway, Hopefully next year we can order up some more sunny weather and have a little more fun around the campfire like 2003.

Here are my pics! Most are from a trail called Elvis that we ran on Friday.

Click the link then look up AZRocks 2005. I think they are one page #3

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Had a great time. Big thanks, to all you movers and shakers who got this thing together and made it a worthwhile trip with killer trails.
AZ mud dries like concrete.
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Dan, I am really upset that I couldn't come to AZ
I had too much crapola going on in Chitown to make it out for the run!!
I will try and make it out later this year def AZ ROCKS 2006!!!!
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