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Recently swapped a CS144 into the 2003 manual v6 taco. Followed the write ups and everything went as planned. Started the truck and she was all fine, 14.6 volts. Happy days.

Took it home and parked it overnight, in the morning battery dead. Poop. Jump the truck and drive it and bring it home. Still won't start. Still saying 14.6. Okay, bad battery right? Wont hold a charge. Even though it worked fine before the swap.

I change the battery with a spare I have, and leave it on charge overnight again and in the morning it is dead as well.

Alright, so it's not the battery, I have a large parasitic draw on my battery. Youtubing "how to test diodes on your alt" I came up with this:

So went out and checked, with the alt still in the truck mind you, and everything seems good per his test. When my red test prong is on the housing and the black is on the hot lead coming from the alt I get a reading, when I swap em I get nothing or "1". I take this to mean that the diode is working correctly and allowing power through the diode correctly.

What else can you guys suggest or think of? I have taken my 2 amp wires off my battery to eliminate any aftermarket drain and at this point am charging the battery with nothing on the positive terminal to make sure the second battery is good.

Could my diode test be off due to it still being in the truck? I don't think it should because of the way the diodes work and that current should only go one direction. I know it is not the starter because it will jump start and I know the alt is sticking out 14.5 volts as well. Am I missing something completely obvious?
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