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CV axle passener side

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pretty sure it gone bad...does run smooth when you free turn the wheel.
'97 x-cab 2.5" lift with ARB bumber and winch... not really wheeled hard... i live in iowa how could it be...LOL

where can i find info on fixing this... this new site shows very little when i search...

what parts should i order?
should i do both sides and then have a spare?
how hard is it to replace?

can't believe there isn't more about this... maybe on another site?

'64 fj40, '88 fj62, '97 tacoma
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about 1/3 down that page they have a bunch of stuff for CV shafts, if you caught it early enough you should only have to replace the boots which are cheap and the ORS kit comes with the grease, the boot, and 2 clamps so thats everything you need right there, if you find out that the joints themselves are toasted, they also a sell a replacement CV shaft that is heat treated so it supposed to be stronger, kinda pricey but no more than your gonna find anywhere else unless you get used ones

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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