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cv problem need opinions...

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ok, i have a 97 4x4 it has a pc 4w ith ome 881's, well the inner cv boot didn't tear, it broke right at the shaft, i have manual hubs i was waiting to put on, so how long will i be able to drive with this broken boot??? again will not put it in 4 wheel drive and have the hubs just need to put them on(saving up so i can regear the front diff at the same time)
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I would recomend changing the cv boot right away. It sounds like you have add which means that your cv's turn constantly even if you are in 2wd. Any dirt or debries that gets in there will chew up the joint. Buy a new cv boot clean out the joint really good before putting it back together.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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