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cv problem need opinions...

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ok, i have a 97 4x4 it has a pc 4w ith ome 881's, well the inner cv boot didn't tear, it broke right at the shaft, i have manual hubs i was waiting to put on, so how long will i be able to drive with this broken boot??? again will not put it in 4 wheel drive and have the hubs just need to put them on(saving up so i can regear the front diff at the same time)
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O.K. I just went through this with my truck. My boot split right where yours did; I had a new axle but no time to replace it so I decided to drive it until I had time. I drove it for almost 2 months in rainy weather and muddy roads, so I expected it to look awful when I got into it. What I found instead was that there was still a ton of grease in the joint and very little dirt and crap had got into it. Well I changed it out and tore apart the old one and inspected it. It has no damage what so ever; I put a new boot on it and kept it as a spare. In all honesty you could probably wrap it with some duct tape and keep it even cleaner until you get around to changing it out.
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