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dana 60 35 spline spool

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The title says it all

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zszac111 said:
are you going to home out the inside of the spindle to fit the 35 splines axle shaft? i just run 30 spline chromo's out back instead or stock 35 spliners or chromo's. i picked up a few spare rear shafts for 20 bucks a pair so if i break a shaft its an easy and cheap fix.
The axle already has 35 spline shafts in it with an ARB, and disks.. my buddy is keeping the arb, so i just need a spool.... make since... all the work is already done...hehe plus he gave me the axle for free

DynamicCrawler said:
Here is one on ebay right now. I just bought mine last night from ebay, luckily I got a strange 35 spline and axles for $102.,1&item=7967247781&sspagename=STRK:MEWA:IT
Cool i always seem to forget about e-bay. i know i can can a new one from Randy's for 150... but i'm always looking for a deal...hehe

1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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