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Daystar Sliders for Sale in So-Cal

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I purchased this set of sliders from Mike at Manic Metal Works, who makes these sliders for Daystar. They are 2 inch tube, .120 wall and powdercoated. They are beefy as all get out, but they are only 65 inches long, too short for my extra cab Tacoma. I was going to use them and go flat bed, but the wifey didn't think that was such a good idea :( so here they are, for sale to you guys. I paid $250 for them and that is what I am selling them for. I can deliever in So-Cal or ship at the buyers expense. Please, only inquire about shipping if you are serious. I just want these out of my garage! Again, these are for regular cab tacomas or 4runners as they do not protect the bed for us extra cab guys. If you want, I would be happy to install them on your rig at my house in Indio where I can weld :welder: them up for you.

Thanks again,
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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