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my name is Kevin Bezold. I live in Denver. I was rescued with my friend, Jeff Means, a couple of years ago on a trail above Nederland by a guy named Sean(sp?) and his friend. (Unfortunately, I do not know Sean's last name.) Your community helped Jeff replace his rack on the mountain so that his toyota tacoma could be driven out of the wilderness.

regretfully, i need to inform your community that Jeff died in his sleep on Saturday night. He was forever grateful for your community once introduced.

if you know of Sean, please forward this message and my contact details of 720-280-4910 or [email protected]. I would like to share Jeff's funeral details when I am informed. I believe there will be a funeral service in Boulder on Friday.

Most of all, I believe Jeff would have wanted y'all to know so that nobody thinks that he just decided to not respond to anyone from this community going forward.

saddest regards,


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