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Deaver 7pack

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I was wondering id anyone knew why the deaver leaf pack rode like they were on a 1 ton military truck. I bought mine this summer and i figured that they would settle down... wrong! Its really killing me to drive it and it my d/d.
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Super Doody said:
My were like yours for two weeks. You just have wheel you truck more. Also putting 500 lbs of lugage in the back also helps. You just have to break them in. Put a couple hundreds pounds of cemment bags in the back of your truck for a wheel. They will soften up. Did you upgrade tires at the same time? That could also be a factor. I went from stock rugged trails to 10 ply MTRs. Offroad tires ride stiffer.
i had a 1200 lb rock in the back for a week. I agree though i do need to wheel more!
i have some bilstien's on there, what would be recomended to retrieve a better ride from my rig?
i bought them as a package from SDHQ it came as a package i think they may be 5200's, but im not too sure
i think that you are correct.. thank you
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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