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Delta 50 with stock pipe...

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Can anyone running a Delta 50 with the stock 2.25" pipe tell me which muffler configuration is needed ? I'm assuming offset IN, center OUT... or does it even matter ?

I'm gonna order one online and pay a shop to install it since it's way cheaper than all of the prices I've been quoted so far. Want to make sure I get the right muffler.
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rcrop50 said:
Thanks for the reply and info. I assume you have it mounted not flat, but vertically ?
I have one, offset-offset, mounted flat. Doesn't hang low that way.
rcrop50 said:
Are you using the stock 2.25" pipe as well ?
Yup. The muffler shop cut the stock muffler out and welded in the Flowmaster.
Weeman said:
do any of you guys know if putting on a muffler will affect smog check? i have to get it done by next month and i put an exhuast on it about 2 months ago...
I highly doubt a muffler would affect the smog check. A catalytic converter certainly would, but not a muffler.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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