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You SA guys probably know what I'm talking about, I went down there today in my stock 02 xcab and loved it. The tacoma did so well with the stock ATs, went through some pretty challenging stuff. One was a big waterhole that came up mid door on each side with standing water up to about the cab, I put her in 4low and made it across slowing down only in the middle and at the end where it was about a 70 degree rise on about a 2 1/2-3 foot incline, but she was a champ and made it up without hardly a delay. Had a good little hoot and holler session after that. The second most challenging part was a steep climb, again I put her in 4low and almost had some problems cresting the slope, but when the front wheels made it up and over they pulled the rest up. I am very impressed with the capabilies in stock form. Also ran into another tacoma, he had heard of TTORA and the new the texas chapter president, said he pulled out on a beach. Some nice guys, not dicks at all. Was kinda funny too cause I ran into them after the mudhole and they said they where waiting for this older chevy truck to get stuck, they headed for the mudhole I made it out of and just went around it through a path I didn't even see... losers.. heh anyway. Tread Lightly, eh?
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